Leading to the Sun Dance Eclipse


Leading to the Sun Dance Eclipse

I chased the Moon...

Only to end up dancing with the Sun. 


More than 5 years ago, I started my journey into learning cultural geography and stumbled upon the traditions of the Native American tribe called the Shoshone. That was the beginning of the Vision Quest, and the elder who guided me in the Mojave Desert. These spirit guides and visions continue to show up in my dreams to this day.  

Now they showed me the Sun Dance. 

In Idaho.

At a place called... Craters of the Moon.

They told me to go to the moon... on earth. WHAT?!


I had the same exact reaction. The guides told me that there is a place called Craters of the Moon in Idaho.

What is this place anyway? 

According to geologic time, this place is created from a rift valley over 17 million years ago caused by the earth's mantle being pulled apart. 15,000 - 2,000 years ago, this place was bombarded by Pele (according to the Hawaiians), the goddess of fire and the earth.  

Not  surprisingly, the basaltic rock that covers this place produced about 60 lava flows and 25 volcanic cones that cover 618 square miles. Sprinkled with some awesome blue dragon lava. 

Without getting too much into detail about the geological formation of this place, you may want to explore or read more about the physical science here. 

See the thing is, there was no expectation that we held when we traveled to this site. We also were not aware that this places was a sacred energetic site. Not to be taken lightly, I went ahead and with utmost respect, learned under the guidance of a traditional teacher.

The trip led to a Shoshone elder who shared some insight about the land and how they are living now, and what it was like before. It was shared with me that the dance is sacred.  That there is a purpose to each dance, and each drum beat that was made. Encouraged by what I am listening to and learning, I asked if I was asked to dance, am I allowed? Relieved to find that the answer is "yes, should you feel the spirit call you," I am still hesitant to even have a rain dance on my own without the guidance of an elder on site. It doesn'f feel as though I am quite doing it justice. It was refreshing to learn that there are no "real" steps or ways to do it. Just go with what the beats of the earth are calling out to you. The beats are also made by the feet hitting the earth, to summon the spirits from below to rise to the heavens. Calling upon whatever it is what you are wishing on. So... I called on the eclipse. And the dance is what it is. 

To summarize the experience, it was nothing short of jaw-dropping awe. My heart was full.  One with nature, guided by spirit. I don't know if there is an apporpriate word or cluster or phrases that can summarize what was passed down to me.  Mostly because dancing around the fire outdoors after a long evening of stories passed down to me, don't do it justice. It was a shame to learn that the elders of the tribe yearn for a younger person to learn more about the dances, and that younger people struggle financially that they end up leaving to earn a wage in the city instead of learning the way to life.  

What was the dance like?  Can't say exactly... 

What I do know from experience is its never the same because the dance is not mine. I'm just a vessel of this energy traversing through my veins. Encouraged to share whatever form mine had taken place. The video was captivated by a fellow traveler who said I looked like I was calling to the heavens. As any dance should be: self-expression and fostering of the spirit world in this realm. Whatever it was, it was: interesting. 

It was also revealed by my elder (and I was holding on to this for a few months to see if it's even true at all...) during this trip that the lunar eclipse a few days ago (August 7-8) stirred the energies of people in a way that is unexplained behavior, and even more so in the upcoming solar eclipse.

Energetically or not, scientifically, there is historical evidence that solar eclipses tend to disrupt natural rhythms of organic life on earth due to the lack of sunlight, even digital devices.


So expect the unexpected.

The universe is throwing you a beautiful sign.

Embrace the Eclipse. 


Let's come back to Earth for a bit...let's talk about dragons and stones. 

Blue Dragon basalt stones are just signs of this amazing planet called Earth that there are other forms of beauty in existence. Even more, sometime you can see it under the sheen when held up to the sun, shining under it's truthful rays of light. Rare and one of a kind. Like a dragon, its treasures are typically hidden and hard to find and only happen once in a lifetime. Once you find it in this lifetime, it very rarely may only exist in the present.  

The Shoshone have a saying about being in the path of your own journey and coming across people whom you may not share the same language with:  

Sutummu tukummuinna. It means, I don't speak your language, and you don't speak mine. But I still understand you. I don't need to walk in your footsteps if I can see the footprints you left behind.

It may be difficult for most to comprehend where science is headed and the spritual guides from our traditions, but there is that sutummu tukkumuinna in it. There are no English words to translate the two, yet for now that is the connection between science and the somatic. Maybe in time, the neurologists and psychologists can bridge this gap. Until then... what we know is we will be sharing our gifts and knowledge to preserve as much diversity as we can. 

We will be in Oregon celebrating with love, consciousness and raising the energies of the planet with millions of people across the globe from China, Nepal, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, Spain, Sweden, Egypt and Mexico.

The Bright Phoenix will be sharing as much as we can from our broadcast of this part of the globe as we travel along your reality. 

Join us!

See you at the Eclipse Festival. 

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Feeling Alive


Feeling Alive

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.58.17 PM.png

It's being here NOW. 

That's important. 


How do we stay present in an environment that keeps stimulating all our sense to want more? Everywhere we look, there is noise: a photo, an ad from the your desktop browser, your social media account, the music around us. Advertising seems to point out all of the flaws and lack that we have inside. Constant bombardment of negative messages: buy this, you need to have the latest knickknack, it will make your life better, you are not good enough.  It's not a surprise that our society in America is the most unhappiest because we work more than any other country.
We are constantly chasing an imaginary carrot dangled in front of us. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. To give solace and comfort to our own insecurities, we mask it by conversations with others to find common ground. That little conversation about how terrible the traffic is, how the check out line at the local grocery is too long... it goes on and on. The funny thing about this is that by seeking solace or maybe common ground with others- it is still creating the vibrations of negativity with others. Like a mind virus to seek comfort. It's habitual. It's the new norm for most, yet the most destructive form of thought process perpetuated. Yet, it is still not being present. Our minds wander elsewhere. To some other destination unknown, with the faint realization that it is the ego in control of seeking approval or solace in relation to the negative event. 
How do we attain balance in a world that constantly pushes information in front of our eyes, our ears and our minds so we can control our desires to want more? Perhaps the need to appease the ego so it is not hurt when we do not attain our wants of the moment.  There are many techniques and modalities that can ground you to awareness when these events happen.
There are numerous studies that provide scientific evidence that mindfulness techniques such as meditation can predict positive emotional states through enhanced self awareness. Meditation can relax one's being, recharge the bioelectric internal battery, decrease stress and create a positive mood. 
How do we feel alive? It's pretty simple: stay present my friends. 
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Trusting the Unknown


Trusting the Unknown




When we try to control everything is when we think we have control of others. This is a fallacy. A fantasy that we are separated from the others that we are in contact with. Control is a way to deal with the unknown. A response.

It's not merely a way to pursue the one things that really tugs at your heart. It's not intuitive, but rather a strange phenomenon that confirms our insecurity for tomorrow's dealings, or something else that will potentially, maybe might likely happen... or may not happen.  Im my recent journey to venturing into the unknown, I've come to realize that there are no second chances. Which kinda weirds you out on a way but also liberates at the same time.

Contradiction on all fronts of this reality, mixed with intuition, we must learn how to let go.

Letting go is power.

Control is a way to let the ego and settle in your mind. Let's think of the ego like a Smeagle in your temple of the mind, running amuck, trying to control everything that happens there. That's what control is like- a hungry little monster that pretends to be your friend, one that might potentially help you.. at the surface. In reality, it's really just tricking you into thinking you have it all down.

Go ME, as you say to yourself. I've got a plan and I'll stick to it.  Yet, we don't quite understand the power of control when used for good and the fallacy of too much control. Once you get to know control's personality and the the ego's control of your mind, you understand how to deal with that creature.  Perhaps you want a certain outcome to come of it? Ask yourself, why. Meditate on it. Not sure how to meditate? Check out the schedule to learn more about pranayama or leave a comment. 

Once we understand that the only way to learn is to let it go, we become unburdened. Less weight is on our minds. In the quest for that vision we hold for ourselves, why do we want to carry the weight? When we give it all up to the universe and trust, we learn the art of letting go and breathing.

Trust within is formed without control.  We all carry weight in in our minds, hearts and inner being through the body. Why not let it all go? You will be liberated from that the weight of control that burdens you. 

Let it all flow. 

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Beginning The Journey:         φοινιξ Phoenix

Beginning The Journey: φοινιξ Phoenix

From the Plant Source to my cup. Sippin' it all up.

"A cup of tea would restore my normality."
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” ― Douglas Adams
Sipping a nice cuppa.


This whole journey had thrown my world inside-out, upside down. Literally. Roller coaster-like style. Yet, it never ceases to fascinate me where it is taking me in this reality. Not long ago, we created this organization to help as many people realize how important their own self expression is. 

Living to pay the bills was not enough. As an American millennial who had the lucky fortune of being alive in this very decade, we cannot waste time. Everything is in a hurry. I felt like I was always in a rush, running out of time. And the silliest idea was to keep working harder than ever before and never savor the moment of presence. Don't get me wrong, working is awesome- if you love that thing that you're working on. But seriously, we miss a lot. Right in front of our very own eyes. We take photos to remember. We look at a phone to capture, yet we are more disconnected now than ever.  The Bright Phoenix is founded from a deep rooted passion for providing education, resource and empowerment to as many people seeking freedom through self expression. Let's connect again. On a deeper, more meaningful level. 

To start, we had to venture somewhere... Bend, Oregon. 

Bend seems to have an energy of its own. Like a black vine growing up inside you, it seems to have a draw to come back and visit again. Sweet, intricate, and sophisticatedly authentic. The last time I've visited this little gem of a city, I didn't notice how small the town and city really is. What makes this place is the spirit of the people who drive the small, local businesses that power this little bullet of a city. I saw artisans that I did not see before. Creative talent that was not noticeable before.

Deer in the park- yes, in the city! There are places like a small city that can co-exist with a population of marvelous energies in harmony with nature. They have done it. 

Reading this blog or watching videos online just doesn't come close to the real deal. Because while technology is making our life easier, it is still not nature. It's not Re-Wilding. Sitting in front of a square device is still a domesticated activity. We are digital natives, and nomads of the celestial multiverse. The real experience is really touching the soil. Smelling the fresh air. Feeling the warm sun. 

So I challenge you, dear reader. Did you FEEL today? We live in a society that refuses to touch anything, and sadly, anyone. Go outside. Feel the rain. Smell it. Dance in it. Feel the cold or heat. This is living the human experience. 

The legend says that the bird φοινιξ (greek) Phoenix, is a purple fire bird that bathed in its own well waters, and sang a beautiful song that even Apollo, the sun-god had to stop and listen to it's song. My Persian tradition that was passed down to me, meant that "Huma" is a very beautiful bird that is very compassionate and consumes itself in the fire every few hundred hears only to emerge from its own ashes. When a person is doted on by the phoenix or the huma, it means they will have great fortune. My Egyptian sisters shared with me that their tradition speaks of the phoenix or Bennu as they call it to be the ascended spirit of the sun god Ra, Atum and Khepri. Their tradition also spoke of a purple bird that would resurrect in Heliopolis, the city of the sun (greek).  

I share this tradition to you to bring awareness to your own powerful potential. We all have Huma, Bennu or Phoenix residing inside us. He is the resurrected dormant spirit of Ra. She is the mythological Osiris waiting to come out in full expression. What does this feel like for you? What are these talents that you have set aside? Acknowledgement of these talents are what we teach you to do. The easiest path is to connect. Connect with others and then nature. There you will find what you seek.  

We are very grateful and thankful for the ability to share traditions of knowledge passed down from the legends and my ancient ones sacred lineage. To share passions, a lifetime of thousands-years of tradition with you is a joy, a gift, and a manifestation of my ancestors verbal stories so that you may pursue your highest, best version of your fullest self expression in this lifetime. Whatever that might be. 

Join the conversation here at our Facebook page. 

Here's to new beginnings. Enjoy the ride.

Welcome to our journey. 

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