When we try to control everything is when we think we have control of others. This is a fallacy. A fantasy that we are separated from the others that we are in contact with. Control is a way to deal with the unknown. A response.

It's not merely a way to pursue the one things that really tugs at your heart. It's not intuitive, but rather a strange phenomenon that confirms our insecurity for tomorrow's dealings, or something else that will potentially, maybe might likely happen... or may not happen.  Im my recent journey to venturing into the unknown, I've come to realize that there are no second chances. Which kinda weirds you out on a way but also liberates at the same time.

Contradiction on all fronts of this reality, mixed with intuition, we must learn how to let go.

Letting go is power.

Control is a way to let the ego and settle in your mind. Let's think of the ego like a Smeagle in your temple of the mind, running amuck, trying to control everything that happens there. That's what control is like- a hungry little monster that pretends to be your friend, one that might potentially help you.. at the surface. In reality, it's really just tricking you into thinking you have it all down.

Go ME, as you say to yourself. I've got a plan and I'll stick to it.  Yet, we don't quite understand the power of control when used for good and the fallacy of too much control. Once you get to know control's personality and the the ego's control of your mind, you understand how to deal with that creature.  Perhaps you want a certain outcome to come of it? Ask yourself, why. Meditate on it. Not sure how to meditate? Check out the schedule to learn more about pranayama or leave a comment. 

Once we understand that the only way to learn is to let it go, we become unburdened. Less weight is on our minds. In the quest for that vision we hold for ourselves, why do we want to carry the weight? When we give it all up to the universe and trust, we learn the art of letting go and breathing.

Trust within is formed without control.  We all carry weight in in our minds, hearts and inner being through the body. Why not let it all go? You will be liberated from that the weight of control that burdens you. 

Let it all flow. 

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