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It's being here NOW. 

That's important. 


How do we stay present in an environment that keeps stimulating all our sense to want more? Everywhere we look, there is noise: a photo, an ad from the your desktop browser, your social media account, the music around us. Advertising seems to point out all of the flaws and lack that we have inside. Constant bombardment of negative messages: buy this, you need to have the latest knickknack, it will make your life better, you are not good enough.  It's not a surprise that our society in America is the most unhappiest because we work more than any other country.
We are constantly chasing an imaginary carrot dangled in front of us. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. To give solace and comfort to our own insecurities, we mask it by conversations with others to find common ground. That little conversation about how terrible the traffic is, how the check out line at the local grocery is too long... it goes on and on. The funny thing about this is that by seeking solace or maybe common ground with others- it is still creating the vibrations of negativity with others. Like a mind virus to seek comfort. It's habitual. It's the new norm for most, yet the most destructive form of thought process perpetuated. Yet, it is still not being present. Our minds wander elsewhere. To some other destination unknown, with the faint realization that it is the ego in control of seeking approval or solace in relation to the negative event. 
How do we attain balance in a world that constantly pushes information in front of our eyes, our ears and our minds so we can control our desires to want more? Perhaps the need to appease the ego so it is not hurt when we do not attain our wants of the moment.  There are many techniques and modalities that can ground you to awareness when these events happen.
There are numerous studies that provide scientific evidence that mindfulness techniques such as meditation can predict positive emotional states through enhanced self awareness. Meditation can relax one's being, recharge the bioelectric internal battery, decrease stress and create a positive mood. 
How do we feel alive? It's pretty simple: stay present my friends. 
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