Our tribe is growing like a big, tall, strong tree. 

I was doing a lot on my own. For too long. 

Like many startups & dreamers, you kinda do it all: marketing, website, analytic tracking... etc. As demand for classes and retreats are growing so did the organization. Traveling all over the best coast from the upper left PNW to sunny California had me realizing that I needed help. The aquarian in me was being stubborn last year. After spending a silent 5 day vipassana retreat over the holidays, I learned how to let go. 

Let go of the fear of playing it big. To generate enough of the awareness, insight, ability to provide the space for people to have creative outlets, and recognize to what is happening I had to let go. The more I let go of my own thoughts and control, the more focus in awareness happened.

Breathing it all in. Grateful.  

I am still amazed at what had transpired in the last few days. 

2018 you are magic. And what is even more magical are the new members of our tribe. 

 Meet Kristen Sherill, the Marketing Magician

Kristen is an amazing force of energy who is divinely nothing short of phenomenal. She is a professional Information Technology Analyst and Web Design Specialist. Graduating from Arkansas State University Beebe with four degrees in two years, Kristen is dedicated to working hard and achieving results.

Currently working to achieve advanced certifications in the I.T. field, specifically in web design and networking, Kristen's joined The Bright Phoenix to build and enhance on her current certifications and branch out in new areas of the technological field. She is the female magic of all IT online. She hold certifications in IC3, Network +, AWS Administrator and CCNEP like a boss.

Kristen is very passionate about technology and helping people reach their full potential in every capacity of their lives. She is married to her husband Justin and has two wonderful daughters, Kaitlynn and Taliah. 

Kristen knows IT like I know the sun is going to rise tomorrow. Seriously, she is amazing! If you have not gotten the chance to know her, I highly recommend you do. She is like the goddess of IT and everything technical that I don't know how to do.

Welcome to the tribe of awesome Kristen! Feeling all the feels and all the love. 

Seriously grateful.