It is the beginning of the year, we have our resolutions, less sugar, give more, try Yoga, etc...  Where is the guide that helps us follow through with these desires?

The guide is within us; it is the journey inward.

When we accept who we are is enough, we have an internal compass that can guide us how to proceed forward. Wherever you are internally, know that it is a different way to think, feel and know that you and I are enough. There are tools that can open up this state of consciousness.  Tools such as meditation, practicing mindfulness, opening up energetically to the natural flow of life's present gifts and learning through nature are some of the driving forces that can cause us to shift in awareness in our life.

Forget the resolutions, provide the space for self-care and give your body, mind and spirit the love you need to be the best version of you.

We are here to provide that space as a collective group of individuals who embrace our inner world with the outer. Maybe the tools that have been passed on through inspirational figures such as Ohso, Thich Naht Hanh, Deepak Chopra, and many others may not be what you are inclined to gravitate towards. And that's beautiful. Stay true to what fills your internal longing to be present right now. Sing, dance, make art, listen to music.

Find joy in playing with what drives you. Because you are you, and when we truly embrace who we are, we find ourselves in a different space of awareness. When we understand the philosophies and science behind Mindfulness, Meditation, Grounding Therapy, Sound Meditation Healing, etc. we automatically shift into a higher level of consicousness that creates a happier and healthier internal world within. When we accept to understand ourselves more at the core foundations of what makes us unique in each and everyone of us, then we can use that knowledge and build our own awareness from the ground up in relation to others.   

As the year progresses we will present topics with conscious communication, awareness, mindfulness, how to mediate/the positive benefits of meditation, happiness through the exploration of nature, and opening our energetic fields to become our highest and most authentic self.  Diving deep into exploration of the topics that you personally enjoy allows our internal focus to shift from controlling external circumstances into our own internal awareness to our own internal pure-awareness. Guides are just there to point us back to ourselves: we are already living in a state of a vital, happy love in our own life. Allow yourself to feel more into this space of radical self-acceptance and feel confident about your goals, and future when you are being yourself. Nothing is more beautiful than being present at this second and experiencing life unfold in our human existence. 

Stay tuned as we grow together - throughout the year we will have online opportunities as well as workshops and classes that we hope will be a curated resource for your calling to journey inward and freedom to pursue your own energetic signature and let go of the external factors that surround us.  

The journey is now. Stay present. 


Marley Kimbo