I grew up traveling and living in at least 5 countries across the globe, learning many different traditions, cultures and having ancient teachers guide me on my own growth, academic and spiritual path. I had the privilege of experiencing a unique childhood from various Eastern and Western lineages: learning about the traditions and local culture of each place I grew up with: Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Native American.  This journey led me to explore my curiosity with the relationships formed among the community and how a person is connected to their innermost expressive nature. Somehow, people behaved differently in nature and in the city... I just had to ask: WHY? and What is this Space? I was obsessed with this "space" between us and the world. How did people relate to each other in one setting versus the next? Outside of  the city? Why are we doing the things that we are doing when we are at work, at home and not in touch with that energetic being when in a different space closer to greenery? I asked a lot of why's, and how's- I got very curious...

Most of these realizations and questions came to me when I would play to connect with another world in the forest. I learned from many traditions and teachers throughout my lifetime around Asia learning Eastern traditions half of the year and spent the other half traveling to California to learn Western traditions over multiple decades. Things like skipping rocks in rivers, listening to the whispers of the trees and plants in the mountains, and learning herbal healing growing up resonated well. Activities that seemed to express the fullest lifeblood connection to the nature felt so grand being in this transpersonal relational space- that ability to sense intuitively and access that energetically. My first experience with this brush of initiation of honoring your truest self was after my 8th rotation around the sun when I understood and learned of my own lineage from my grandparents and how to honor the path of one's highest form of calling and expression. 

Our millennial generation is starved for reclaiming that special relational space between whomever we are interacting with, especially in nature. 
To be present to all that exists between all of us daily. To be able to harness this knowledge and power to utilize in whatever setting or place that you are in. 
To chase your curiosity. 
Crave that daily action of living out your passions.
Honor your truest, highest calling by being true to your inner being.


At a young age after learning what was passed down to me, I started to relate my traditions and what exactly is the significance of the environment around me as a being having a human experience. Everyone from my family, friends and the community I grew up with helped me realize who I am shaping to be culturally up to this day, and I am eternally grateful for the knowledge they have passed down to me as a pathway to share our ancient traditions and knowledge of mana. My work and research through the years of my journey focuses on that connective space within us as beings in this reality and how it forms the world that we were creating and sharing. I still continue with my curiosity to this day with many many questions...

Why is it important that we create this environment?  Isn't this the same as any other place? It was then that I started to get curious and find out what this relationship between people are and why being in nature felt the way it did. I spent my time as a child in international schools alternating between staring at the sky, the plants and in the library reading about the earth, understanding maps and the cultures in each place I travel through, voraciously learning local traditional cultures. After school, I would be out and about asking locals of that particular country where the nearest cultural teacher was and somehow they seemed to also find me.


The rotations around each country honored in observance and awe of their traditions shaped that space of connectivity between people of that local community with how they express their world in harmony to their outside world with others. My passion for following that tradition in respect for learning and passing information from each culture is honored in my current work as a transformative coach, and transpersonal psychologist. 


" Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it. " 

- Anais Nin


That early life exposure of rich and diverse East-meets-West cultural experience provided me with a very diverse way of learning, relating and looking at the world. I have downloaded a rich cultural experience on how to understand the relationships that form within ourselves with both the western and eastern traditions of human relationships with our mother earth.  My scientific background also provided me with a quantitative understanding of how we relate to our physical topography in relation to the innermost being from teachers of western and eastern schools.


Our vision and mission is to empower everyone through integrated movement, who wish to honor the lineages by sharing these traditions with all who wish to learn more about how we can share the unique gift of experience of connecting with other beings inside our shared sacred spaces, the natural environment through different cultural healing modalities. 


This passion for harnessing the cultural experience led me to complete my academic research from California State University at Stanislaus in Geography where I studied sustainable agriculture, physical and cultural geography. Being that California is a major source of agricultural products, I understood the value of sustainable way of living through agriculture and organic plant-based foods with respect to it's relationship between nature and human nurturance. This brought to light the role that food plays within an individual and how it can be a way to connect and disconnect from a community.

My background of western mentors hails from academia. A few of them include the renowned west coast pioneer anthropologist and cultural geographer, Dr. Ida Bowers, cultural geographer and sustainability pro, Dr. Jennifer Helzer; physical geosciences, fluvial/soil studies and human geomodification gurus through Dr. Chuck Bowen and Dr. Augustine Avwunudiogba. I've had the privilege of researching climatology, climate change and geomorphology with Dr. Karl Karlstrom; guided by Dr. Peggy Hauselt with understanding cultural ethnic sustainable geography using Geographic Information Systems, and learned from plant sciences journalist hailing from UC Berkeley, Michael Pollan.  

Right after my studies at university, I explored the connection of this space between urban culture, sustainability and experimented with the concept of humans living a solitude existence away from connectivity with the digital world in the city or urbanite life. This created a research of the psychology of the human condition in relation to the landscape, and what happens to the psyche of a being when backpacking through Death Valley, the Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree by holding place of a sacred space of resonance from the Shoshone Native Americans. From this research, I've found that the relationship we have between nature, food and communal space existed in a very disconnected, complex and confusing scale in an urbanite setting, and can only be achieved when one is in harmony internally. Thus, The Bright Phoenix was born with the blessing of a Nomadic Shaman in the desert. 

As a product of the millennial generation, the social impact of our current paradigm is very digitized and a profoundly disconnected place that causes a disconnect with our internal well being with the mind, body and energy. Some people go to nature to conquer a hike, do a trail run, yet most never really truly feel the connection to that space of nature the way that  it creates a magnetic healing energy.

Our current paradigm within our millennial generation is causing a state of physical, mental and emotional disconnect to most, thirsty for a sense peace, calm, restoration. Our mission is to honor these traditions by sharing traditions that has worked for thousands of years in easy, simple breathing meditative techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime.  With our full self-expression and our connection to nature, this beautiful digital age poses a threat to our generational sanity.

Our intention at the Bright Phoenix is to restore your inner being by providing you knowledge that you can for utilize for posterity. We are left without the knowledge on how to reign our truest calling when we do not honor the connection with the nature of our highest self expression. This is a critical time of confusion and duality in our inner being.  


Our generation is constantly surrounded by information, yet we are starved for quality knowledge and tradition of vitality that poses an existential threat to our generational existence when we do not honor our true inner being. 


“ I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship. ”  - Brené Brown


Curious passion realized into a research obsession that continues to grow to this day: the communities that we currently have do not entirely support that space that we were gifted with. We need to re-connect with nature- our connectivity with each other in a different environment, in our natural state. The Bright Phoenix is an organization that  provides easy and fun ways through breathing, meditation, and micromovement through expressive arts therapy blending dance, yoga (we are RYT Certified), an honoring of thousand-years old's worth healing traditions, and ancient pranayama breath work. 

My life experience revolved around human relationships as a Transitional Career Coach and mentor in critical times when people change life paths. I had the privilege of learning from the best mentors with corporations: to teach in academia in a collegiate setting and in the corporate world for over 7 years. I understood the psychology of how people behave, relate and interact with each other.  From understanding what motivates each individual to strive internally, and what these driving forces are in their transpersonal and interpersonal relationship with others in a setting. 

Our most recent research revolves around habitual daily activities of life and it's impact on the vitality of this space between people and place: work, school, kids, social obligations. In an increasingly busy and noisy society, it's clear that the complexities of living in a modern and busy world creates an impact between our relationship with each other.  In observation of my journey with my millennial peers in organizations, and this research of relational space and connectivity, I've documented in observance that it's become increasingly difficult for millennials to adjust when we do not honor our highest self. 




We have forgotten the ancient knowledge of how to reclaim our humanity in a world that is increasingly becoming more digitized, closed-off with real connectivity to our highest self, our peers, and co-workers.

We all need the innate experience of restoration internally and outdoors with nature. To have that inner peace of knowing how to be grounded, to heal, and to re-learn how our generation can choose without feeling guilt, shame, or powerless in accordance to someone else's paradigm. 


My purpose and goal is to share this gift of ancient knowledge of restoration, of re-wilding for your inner world. So that you may have mastery of your inner being in relation to your outer world.


We at The Bright Phoenix accomplish this through a series of easy, transformative modalities: a mixture of ancient Western and Eastern knowledge blended with science. We teach simple, easy techniques that you can adapt to your captive environment at any time to re-claim your peace, calm your mind and increase your mental clarity in a distracting and noisy world. 


To have happiness within exploration of your truest, highest self while harnessing the immense healing energies of various traditions in a powerful setting so that it may bring you endless and abundant positivity and vitality. 


My passion is to share this knowledge that is passed down from my ancestors, gurus and mentors: to reclaim your calm, restore your vitality, re-energize your being through simple, effective techniques.  


Power up your internal batteries with your own vitality restored to harness the spirit of connectivity residing in you wherever life may take you on your journey.  


This is our passion, and our gift to you. 


Are you ready?


When you are, FOLLOW THE PATH so that you may learn more about to how to get started.