Content Creator and Social Media artesian by profession, Mindfulness and Yoga practitioner by
dusk and dawn – her passion to create is endless and her determination to share knowledge is

Marley is a dual scholarship recipient and a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in
Business Administration; Managerial Sciences as well as Hospitality Administration. Her career focus is Social Media, Photography and Content design. She strives to grow local businesses/
start-ups social and virtual presence through sustainable e-business practices, creative outlets and data analytics.

By Marley’s contributions to our blog as a content curator/alchemist we hope you will see the
importance of unfencing yourself and embracing your authentic nature through her eyes and the
hearts of our tribe, our collaborators, partners and visionaries.

We are here to share with you, as you share with us.

Marley is a part of the link that connects our collective community to your community. May we allow ourselves to be a part of something greater than the individual self under the guise of selfish separation. We are here to provide space to foster your own growth with what you are pursuing. Express your deepest, truest self while accomplishing your wishes in your endeavors with us as we create a space for your growth, healing, and a space of empowerment.

Lets grow together -  re-connect with your highest form of self.  See how nature talks through our  collective story while you are consciously aware of yours.

By stepping into the now, with ease and grace, may you find your inner self through a community of connectedness with the same vision: share your path within your own courageous voice, in full realization that we deserve self love, radical acceptance and full expression for the passion that we have within our own talents.