FENIX - Flowing Energy of Natural InstinctX Sound Meditation®

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FENIX - Flowing Energy of Natural InstinctX Sound Meditation®

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Since we are in constant awake states in Beta waves, alternating to an Alpha and Theta wave pattern in our brain states induces lucid dreaming, relaxation and healing.

The vibrational frequency aids in our ability to attain conscious awareness with breath, alternating between our alpha and theta brain state to create our own visual field of conscious awareness & how to create a thriving creative practice and release your limiting beliefs.

Alpha waves induces a sense of no thought, lucid dreaming, and relaxation. Alpha waves governs daydreams, fantasy, and denotes a state of consciousness detached and relaxed.

Theta waves is a state of very deep relaxation, and governs the subconscious mind. This is when we seen mental imagery, creativity and characterizes feelings of inspiration and spirituality.

Sound vibration resonance therapy is one of the most powerful healing modalities of tapping into the healing of the human body. The crystal bowls are chakra tuned specifically releasing energetic accumulations from environmental and vibrational toxicity on a cellular level in the body that is held in cellular memory.

Benefits of the FENIX - Flowing Energy of Natural InstinctX Sound Meditation® Sessions:

*Increase mental clarity

*Overall increase in vitality and vibrancy

*Restore your body's natural cycle of cellular elimination

*Enhance and increase Ki energy

*Release energies that cause tension, blockages, attached toxicity and anxiety in the body

*The session brings a deep, meditative state of rest, which may help in the repair of tissues and cells, and in releasing stress.

Details: Online. Multiverse Galaxy

For those seeking a healing session, this is an excellent healing modality using sound vibrational frequency to release any cellular toxins that have been trapped in our bodies.

- Raise your vibration and nourish your energetic field

- Heart centered consciousness and grounded power

• How to Prepare
We highly encourage getting comfortable at home for the sound healing session: dress in warm comfortable clothing, lay/sit on the couch, your bed, your own yoga mats at home (or anywhere comfortable). The meditation is best done with headphones in to avoid any distractions. An eye mask helps with blocking out light as well. Blankets and pillows are encouraged for your comfort.

This is a space we created for your ultimate relaxation, wellness and self-healing in the comfort of your own space.

• Important to know
Love offering:

The love exchange for the session is only $25 for the video and sound clip mailed to your inbox soon as you RSVP or signup to our online events. 


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