Chakra Tuned Subtle Body Bioharmonic Sound Therapy

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Chakra Tuned Subtle Body Bioharmonic Sound Therapy


Subtle Body Bioharmonic Healing Therapy Session 


Dates: Nov. 27   Dec. 4, 11, 18


Time: 7-8p


The Wellspring School
for Healing Arts
2440 NE MLK Jr Blvd
Suite 202
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 688-1482


Sound vibration resonance therapy is one of the most powerful healing modalities of tapping into the subtle body healing of the human body. The crystal bowls are chakra tuned specifically releasing energetic accumulations from environmental and vibrational toxicity on a cellular level in the body that is held in cellular memory.


Benefits of the illuminated sound bath: *Release energies that cause tension, stress, and anxiety in the body


*Increase mental clarity *Overall increase in vitality and vibrancy


*Restore your body's natural cycle of cellular elimination


*Enhance and increase Ki energy


*Release energies that cause tension, stress, and anxiety in the body


There will be some meditation in the beginning before starting to settle all the energies of the participants, and the sound bath will begin promptly after. Love Exchange: $20-$35 sliding scale. Cash is highly encouraged, PayPal, card, and Facebook pay are all accepted. Please arrive at last 15 minutes for registration and to get comfortable within your space. We highly encourage getting comfortable for the sound healing session: comfortable clothing, yoga mats, blankets and pillows are encouraged as you will be laying down on the floor. Benefits of sound baths/ sound meditaiton: Sound healing brings one into a deeply relaxed, medtiative state.. an often dream-like ethereal trance state in which 1) stress and anxiety leave the body/mind/spirit ... and 2) harmony, health & higher states of consciousness flow in...anchoring in the high sonic vibrations on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


Physically, sound healing works through the nervous system of your body, traveling through the liquid of your cells, and increasing the output of dopamine and serotonin, bringing your nervous system back into balance.


What you may experience during /in hours & days following?


Increased Inner Peace and Well-being


Deep Relaxation


Higher States of Consciousness


Natural Release of Emotions


Reduction of Stress & Anxiety


Profound Meditative / Dream-like Journeys/ States of Awareness


Enhanced Clarity


Balance Left/Right Brain Hemisphere Activity


Deep, Restful Sleep


Forward Thinking


Alleviation of Sorrow/Depression


Blood Pressure Equilibrium


Heightened Creativity/ Focus/ Ability to Concentrate


Feelings of Contentment & Joy


Relief of Physical Pain


*** While we do not/ cannot claim that our sound healing medtition aka sound baths will induce physical healing, we have received MANY reports over the years of spontaneous and permanent relief from lower back pain, insomnia, jaw/neck pain, tinnitus, trauma,etc. ***


So, come with an Intention to Receive Healing and Higher Guidance...or simply just to invite joy, create positive intentional space for your week for this sound bath.




About us: 

Lyndsey Blythe is a sound alchemist and an avid percussionist. She is well versed in sound healing using the steel tongue drum. She is inspired by cultural traditions in music, and has an affinity for the rhythms of the Middle East. Intrigued by the way music moves and connects people, her collection of world instruments is ever growing. She is also an instrument creator, and has facilitated many drum building workshops. By sharing her Blythe Beats, she hopes to awaken the rhythm within every beating heart. Her sound magic is manifested through her brand, Blythe Beats. 


Kat Gibson is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Transformational Coach and ReWilder. She is currently working on her doctorate at Sofia University under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Chopra and Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. She is the Director of The Bright Phoenix, an organization dedicated to teaching simple, easy mindfulness techniques with micromovement and breath along with sound therapy integration for an accelerated life on the go. Her work in consciousness research is one of the leading edge in scientific breakthroughs in transpersonal psychology. Kat's extensive background in environmental science and geography is one of the leading edge in the newest field of scientific work under the guidance of Jennifer Crane, MFT. She is also a yoga, pranayama and meditation teacher in California, Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. Kat is also available for one on one sound healing and coaching sessions online and in social media. Schedule here: 

IG: TheBrightPhoenix 



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