Embrace your Wild at Mount Shasta

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Embrace your Wild at Mount Shasta



Reclaim your Calm. 

Find your Spirit.

Settle in your Strength. 

The one who's voice had been calling you, is your inner Wilderness waiting to come out. 

Join a retreat like no other. 

A weekend of celebrating your authenticity, your truth and signature of excellence. Journey within through dance, meditation, and deep transformative inner journeys. You will be guided in a safe, non-judgmental, sacred space to embrace your inner wild. Early Registration is $595, Regular Registration is $695. Deposit ($200) is due upon signing up and the remainder due at arrival (We accept major credit card and cash only, please no checks). The Bright Phoenix will help you journey within during this 2-day retreat with other explorers in one of the most revered and sacred sites on earth, Mount Shasta, CA.

What does this include: 

*Guided exploration of your own Wildness 

*Lakeside Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Breathing techniques to release stress

* Tibetan Sound Healing, Aura and psychic smudging cleansing 

*Journey to your Vision through Ayurveda, Vedic Meditation & creating your own personal Mantras

*Quest to harness the Power of your Spirit Animal guided by the animism story of "The Bear"

*Take charge and learn how to perform your own inner peaceful meditation anywhere that you maybe

*Ancient Eastern techniques from Nepal, Tibet, China and Energetic Balancing that you can utilize at any point in your waking life

*Joyful, Soulful Metaphysical dance and sacred space to find your inner strength expression

*Beautifully and lovingly prepared meals catered to your liking. Transportation, all fees for registration and accommodation at Tsasdi Resort and Hotel. 


$250 deposit due at sign-up online. Remainder of the payment due at retreat. 




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